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Each college will have policies, procedures and practices that help to shape curriculum. Whether working to develop new programs, to build courses or to review and revise existing curriculum, you will want to be familiar with relevant policies and practices at your college. Here are some resources to get you started.

Algonquin College

At Algonquin policies and operational guidelines are called "Directives". Several directives have a direct impact on curriculum at both the course and program level. You will want to pay particular attention to the directives related to academic matters in section AA (academic affairs). 

As do other colleges, Algonquin has interpreted provincial guidelines and standards and described how they will be implemented in Algonquin programs and courses.

Learn more about the Essential Employability Skills at Algonquin.

Learn more about how Algonquin implements the general education requirement.

At Algonquin, curriculum at the course level is documented electronically in a web-based editor called COMMS—Course Outline Mapping and Management System. Each course is entered into COMMS as a course outline. The way the course outline is to be implemented in each section is documented in Course Section Information(CSI). 

You can find a lifesaver providing an overview of COMMS on the Prof's resource site.

For a template (Word) that can be used to document course section information and one example of a completed template (Word).

Algonquin College has an expectation that a portion of the curriculum for each program will be delivered through hybrid courses. If working with new programs or courses you will want to check the expectations for hybrid delivery.

If you are engaged in Program Quality Review (PQR) you will find helpful information about Algonquin College practices and contact information for the Quality Assurance Administrator on the Academic Development website.

If you are developing a new program you will want to understand the way that new programs are developed and approved at Algonquin. You can get help from your School's representative on the College's Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) or from a curriculum support person in the Centre for Organizational Learning. Read the program development guide used at Algonquin.

Kathleen Johnson & Jennifer Lloyd from Algonquin College developed a program development and implementation checklist to supplement the program development guide used at Algonquin.  Their checklist is specific to Algonquin but could be adapted for other settings

Templates used when developing new programs can be found on a Blackboard site maintained by the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC). To access these, log in to Blackboard using "guestcrc" as both the user name and the pass word, and then click on College Curriculum Review Committee course. Login to Blackboard.

When considering the rationale for and/or aligning programs or courses, you may find it helpful to consult the College Strategic Plan


Durham College


There are several policies at Durham College that will influence curriculum decisions. These include

  • Curriculum Development Policy;
  • Program Review and Renewal Policy;
  • New Program Development Policy;
  • General Education; and
  • Course Outlines.

Academic policies above and others.

Durham College has recently launched a new web based course outline tool called WebCOT.  It is used to both develop new course outlines and to edit existing course outlines.

Durham has published a comprehensive guide for the Annual Curriculum Renewal Process

The Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment (C.A.F.E.) has posted information about curriculum mapping, essential employability skills and new program curriculum on its site.

Fleming College

Academic policies at Fleming College can be found in the policy manual.

St. Lawrence College

Academic policies at St. Lawrence College can be found in the policy manual.

Loyalist College

Course outline and General Education policies at Loyalist College can be found on its site.

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