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Whether one is developing new curriculum or working with existing curriculum, there are several "givens" that influence and shape the curriculum decisions that can be made. One of these givens is the resources that are available. While resources (or lack of them) should not block creative curriculum building, it is important to consider the impact of curriculum decisions on available financial, human and physical resources.

Available technology can also have a strong influence on the way that learning experiences are designed and curriculum is delivered. Webcasting, videoconferencing, podcasting, learning management systems and other technologies make it possible to extend learning beyond classroom walls and/or to enrich in-class learning experiences.

Most colleges support a specific learning management system.

Algonquin and Loyalist Colleges use Blackboard.

More information about Blackboard and its use at Algonquin.

At Loyalist more information and help using Blackboard and other technologies available there can be obtained by visiting the "E-Learning Hive".

Durham College uses DC Connect.  Check here for resources and information about DC Connect.

Here are some other resources to help consider how technology can support learning and be integrated into curriculum plans.

Algonquin College has published some ideas about how technology can be applied to teaching on the Professor's Resource site. 

You may also want to visit Algonquin's Innovation Station Showcase to see how some teachers are using technology in course curriculum. 

Durham's Centre for Academic and Faculty Enrichment (CAFÉ) contains a section that describes various educational technology tools that aid teachers and support student learning.

Durham College has a newsletter called the Catalyst with many helpful articles related to the use of technology in teaching and learning. 

This You-Tube video introduces a top ten list of tips for using technology in classrooms

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