Who are we?

The Curriculum Developers' Affinity Group (CDAG) is made up of representatives from across Ontario's Community Colleges and their associates. In 2005, CDAG became an official Affinity Group of the Coordinating Committee of Vice Presidents Academic (CCVPA). The CDAG consists of one voting representative from each college, numerous representatives from each college and many affiliated (non-voting) members from across colleges and other groups.

Together, individuals from these groups represent our CDAG membership.

CDAG members include a wide range of individuals including those who support curriculum and quality assurance, as well as educational developers and specialists.

What do we do?

The mandate of the Group is to:

  1. Promote/contribute to quality curriculum in Ontario Colleges encompassing:
    1. Facilitation of ongoing collaboration and communication
    2. Sharing, developing and promoting best practices
    3. Promoting/encouraging curriculum-related research
    4. Advocating for communal strategies, products and resources to achieve system-wide efficiencies
    5. Making recommendations on educational policies and objectives of a province-wide nature where there are curriculum connections or implications
  2. Provide leadership in the ongoing development and sustainability of curriculum expertise in Ontario colleges
  3. Provide a forum to discuss, develop, and disseminate CDAG initiatives
  4. Establish, guide and oversee subcommittees reporting to CDAG


When did we start?

The Provincial Curriculum Developers Affinity Group (CDAG) has been operational since the fall of 2005.


What are some of the current Subcommittees within CDAG?

The Conference Planning committee is a permanent CDAG subcommittee charged with planning the yearly CDAG conference. The CDAG vice chair is the chair of the conference planning committee.

There are currently three other functioning subcommittees

  • The Professional Development committee
  • The Scholarship and Awards committee and
  • The Communications committee

All subcommittees report to the Executive Committee of the CDAG.


When does CDAG Meet?

CDAG typically holds two meetings yearly: once in the spring and once in the fall. During the fall meeting, elections for elective positions are held. Throughout the year, CDAG hosts additional online meetings and discussions to address specific concerns and interests of its members


How can I get involved? How can I find out more information?

You can get involved by attending an upcoming meeting, joining us at our annual conference, contacting the CDAG representative at your college or joining the conversation in our Workroom.


For general enquiries and to get a password for our Workroom, please contact:

Nicole Simoneau, CDAG Secretary, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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