CDAG Award of Excellence


Congratulations to Dr. Tracy Gedies
Winner of the 2017 CDAG Award of Excellence in Curriculum

Tracy Gedies

Tracy embraces academic excellence through curriculum design, research and the ability to create positive change within and external to Fanshawe College. Tracy’s success in the development and sustainability of curriculum expertise is a result of her ability to create new processes and implement best practices while fostering effective working relationships.

The framework created by Tracy for best practices in curriculum review and program development has changed the way programs are designed and assessed at Fanshawe, and these processes have been recognized as exemplary by other institutions within Canada and internationally. Fanshawe’s program review process aligns with college policies and the College Quality Assurance Assist Audit Process (CQAAP) guidelines, creating best practices in quality assurance. Tracy continues to advance the program review process through innovation funding she received to investigate the impact of a new course outline management system on program review and development, in terms of aligning program outcomes, course outcomes and assessment strategies.

Tracy’s innovation and lead role in the development and subsequent approval of an Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) pathway project will provide opportunities for students, who have completed a diploma or advanced diploma in a related technological discipline, to further their studies and now earn a Bachelor of Education in Technological Education.

In conclusion, Tracy’s initiative and drive for quality improvement, including her involvement in many innovative research and community initiatives, motivates and inspires all members of the Centre for Academic Excellence and creates an environment that supports learning and innovation. Tracy epitomizes servant leadership and as a result of her passion and collaborative energy, Tracy is well-known and appreciated throughout the college/university system in Ontario and beyond.



Tracy has been with Fanshawe College since 1988. First, as a faculty member and coordinator in a variety of programs and then as a curriculum consultant. In 2013, she assumed a new role in the Centre for Academic Excellence as the Director. In this role, Tracy provides leadership to operationalize quality assurance processes in collaboration with partners both internal and external to the College as they pertain to program development, program review, e-Learning and pathways activity. In 2000, Tracy earned her Doctorate of Education from the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and in 2015 received the President’s Distinguished Team Award. She is currently the quality assurance college rep on the OCQAS Management Board and co-chair of CDOG.


~ CDAG thanks everyone for their submissions and ongoing contributions.  We look forward to the 2018 submissions for the fifth Award of Excellence. ~


About the CDAG Award of Excellence

The CDAG Award of Excellence publicly recognizes and celebrates individuals and teams who provide leadership in the ongoing development and sustainability of curriculum expertise in Ontario’s colleges. One person or team is awarded this distinction each year.

In keeping with CDAG’s mandate, eligible nominees must:

  • Demonstrate commitment to and knowledge of Curriculum Development, Design and/or Practice and its advancement
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with colleagues.
  • Demonstrate the ability to enhance learning and stimulate critical thinking.
  • Inspire others to lead

In one of the following categories:

  • Research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Specific to Curriculum
  • Mentorship in Curriculum
  • Best practices in Curriculum, and
  • Innovation in Curriculum


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