CDAG Award of Excellence


Congratulations Jacqueline Towell
Winner of the 2016 CDAG Award of Excellence in Curriculum

Jacqueline Towell

Jacqueline is a key resource and contributor to curriculum development and quality at Durham College. She participates in provincial initiatives such as CDAG and with the Eastern Region Colleges as a principle organizer of the Aligning and Building Curriculum Institute (ABC), a 4 day intensive curriculum program for faculty. At Durham, she was a key designer of their new web-based course outline system (WebCOT) and led the rollout and training of faculty. This project touched all Durham course outlines. It has built in checks and balances that ensure certain elements of quality in the course outlines and these checks were largely based on her expertise. She consults and supports new program development as well as sitting on the PPRC committee that approves new programs for development. This includes keeping abreast of new Ministry and OCQAS policies and practices. She also assisted on Durham’s first ever degree submission. Jacqueline teaches the 14 week Curriculum Development course, a credit course, for all new full time faculty at Durham. She delivers other professional development courses such as a series on the essential employability skills. She has developed courses and taught online through the eastern region Faculty Cyber Connections (FCC). She is involved with research, recently on a two part HEQCO funded-project on e-Portfolios and the EES. Finally, she is the curriculum mainstay on a large curriculum project in Vietnam. In all her activities she is very aware of the needs of faculty, students, the administration and the Ministry and is a tireless advocate for curriculum quality in the college system. Jacqueline represents quality in curriculum. This value emerges in all her activities. Jacqueline has had an impact on many eastern region faculty, helping them to learn about all aspects of curriculum development and maintenance through ABC. The new WebCOT course outline system has touched all Durham course outlines. A teaching opportunity on curriculum quality for faculty opened up when it was launched, and she had been part of the system roll out. Through the Curriculum Development course at Durham, all new full time faculty are exposed to the issues of curriculum development and the important baseline knowledge all faculty should possess. Hau Giang college in Vietnam is finally able to develop a program that is directly tied to the needs of local industry. She is the go-to for faculty and administration in all curriculum issues big and small.



Jacqueline Towell, Curriculum Specialist, started her teaching career in 2001 joining Durham College in 2007 in the Practical Nursing and Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. Prior to teaching, Jacqueline was a Public Health Nurse where she developed expertise in health promotion education, policy development, community development, advocacy, and health promotion research. Jacqueline joined the CAFE in 2011, bringing her expertise and passion for student success, universal design for learning, and quality curriculum to her role as Curriculum Specialist. Jacqueline works with faculty, deans, and program teams during course outline coaching meetings, workshops, College Teaching Certificate program courses, and at the Aligning and Building Curriculum Institute. At Durham College Jacqueline is a key person to meet with when undergoing mapping during Comprehensive and Annual Program Review, writing learning outcomes, or new program development. Jacqueline is particularly interested in international curriculum development, essential employability skills, or program evaluation.


~ CDAG thanks everyone for their submissions and ongoing contributions.  We look forward to the 2017 submissions for the fourth Award of Excellence. ~


About the CDAG Award of Excellence

The CDAG Award of Excellence publicly recognizes and celebrates individuals and teams who provide leadership in the ongoing development and sustainability of curriculum expertise in Ontario’s colleges. One person or team is awarded this distinction each year.

In keeping with CDAG’s mandate, eligible nominees must:

  • Demonstrate commitment to and knowledge of Curriculum Development, Design and/or Practice and its advancement
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with colleagues.
  • Demonstrate the ability to enhance learning and stimulate critical thinking.
  • Inspire others to lead

In one of the following categories:

  • Research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Specific to Curriculum
  • Mentorship in Curriculum
  • Best practices in Curriculum, and
  • Innovation in Curriculum


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