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Documenting Course Curriculum


Once a course has been developed it is documented in course outlines, and/or syllabuses according to the policies and practices of the host college. These course outlines document the curriculum at the course level and support learning in a number of ways. They identify the expected learning for the course and provide students with an overview of the plan to help them achieve this learning. They also inform them of how they will be expected to demonstrate that they have achieved the expected outcomes. Detailed course section information or syllabuses can be used by students as they develop study guides and manage their calendars. Course outlines also communicate course information to prospective students, educational institutions, employers, and professional associations. Finally, they provide documentation that allows the college to demonstrate how it is meeting provincial standards and other external requirements.

The format for documenting course curriculum varies from college to college but there are some commonalities across colleges. You will find below information and resources about course outlines related to specific colleges in Eastern Ontario.


The College Directive (policy) related to course outlines and course section information.

Lifesaver #3: Developing Course Outlines

Information about the Course Outline Mapping and Management System (COMMS)

Lifesaver #12: COMMS: An Overview


The Centre for Academic Excellence (C.A.F.É.) provides detailed guidelines for documenting course curriculum.

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