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case5 graphicA Cross-College Course in Global Citizenship and Equity

Learn about the process one college adopted as it endeavoured to provide students with a college-wide general education course that supported its strategic vision.

John Oughton, Centennial College


case4 graphicNetworking, Communication and Professionalism in Action: Three Student Learning Experiences

This case explores three unique ways for learners to master essential employability skills while at the same time learning about their chosen career and practising their developing skills in a "real life" context.

Christina Decarie, St. Lawrence
Frank Armstrong, St. Lawrence
Kathy Maher, St. Lawrence  


case1 graphicExperiential Learning in a Virtual World

Explore this curriculum story to learn how one program is using an online virtual experience to help its students learn observation, interviewing, and decision-making skills in a real world context.

Ken Hudson, Loyalist College
Kathy de Gast Kennedy, Loyalist College


case2 graphicAn Experience in Cross-Cultural Communications

This case illustrates one strategy for "globalizing" the curriculum. It describes one teacher's approach to adapt curriculum to help prepare learners to function in a global economy.

Robyn Heaton, Algonquin College


case3 graphicThe Evolution of a Project-Based Capstone Project

Discover how an evolving capstone project challenges Electo-Mechanical Engineering Technology students to integrate their prior leaning and construct new knowledge in a collaborative process of designing and implementing industrial automation processes.

Brent Brooks, Durham College


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