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This is a picture of a map being developed at a program level as a tool to support program development.



Here is another example of a draft curriculum map for a college program. This map was developed by faculty engaged in curriculum review and renewal. Thanks to Nan Lowe for sharing this map. PDF here for image below.



Here is another example of a curriculum map for a college program. This map helps to identify the streams and flow of courses within a program. PDF here for image below.


Here is an example of a map that is being used to help a program ensure that courses, collectively, lead to the achievement of essential employability skills. It shows how maps can be used to demonstrate compliance with program standards. PDF here for image below.


Here is an example of a "detailed curriculum map" that was used at Durham College as a tool to orient new faculty who would be teaching in this program. Thanks to Janice MacMillan who shared this specific map and to Allen Slater who shared detailed maps developed at Sheridan College with us.

childYouth map

Here is a map showing course alignment with vocational learning outcomes from program at Durham College.

baseline map

This map, developed by Camilla Wheeler at George Brown College, provides a visualization of student workload.

ece map

The map below was developed by Sue Chamberlain to map assessments in a program at St. Lawrence College.  Faculty provided information via Survey Monkey and results were mapped using an Excel spread sheet.

StLawrence assessmentMap


These two maps were created by Dave Hawey from Durham College and Cynthia Poulin from Algonquin College. The first illustrates the outcomes in a Program (.pdf). It allows all program faculty to see at a glance, which outcomes are met in each course over the duration of a program. They are also able to see how each course 'fits' into the program.

The second illustrates the outcomes in a Course (.pdf). You will be able to see the frequency of that learning outcomes are addressed on a weekly basis and their recurrence in the semester.

The map below was developed at Durham College to track the different types of teaching methods (.xls) used across courses.





Dan Roraie and Dennis Dowler from St, Clair College developed this mapping template. The template allows all mapping to be captured in a single document. Course outcomes are mapped to VLOs rather than Elements of Performance; however, Elements of Performance are included in the document for reference during the mapping process. This template enables the entire program map to viewed holistically revealing both gaps and overlaps in the program curriculum. The document can also be printed on blue print paper allowing the map to be posted for group interaction.


Larry Weatherdon from Algonquin College has created this mapping template using an Excel platform that helps teachers align courses to program outcomes. 



Here is an example of another program map using an excel spread sheet.  It was developed and used at St. Lawrence College.

StLawrence programCurMap


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