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Review and revision occurs at every point of the curriculum cycle. Whether developed at the course or at the program level, curriculum needs to be continuously reviewed and revised if it is to remain aligned, current, relevant to the work place, and responsive to the needs and abilities of the learners. The review and subsequent revision of curriculum may be undertaken informally as well as carried out in a more formal process at regular intervals.

Colleges collectively, through Colleges Ontario, have established the College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP). It was developed to provide a provincial standard for college postsecondary program quality assurance processes.

Each college is responsible for managing the quality of its programs and course curricula. Colleges have in place policies, guidelines and ongoing program quality assurance processes that promote continuous improvement and assure quality in curriculum documents, policies, and practices for their own context. Every five years, each college engages in a formal review of their program quality assurance practices. Their self study is reviewed and validated by an external review team. This CQAAP audit team uses six standards to review program quality assurance principles, procedures and practices.

  • Criterion 1.  Program-level learning outcomes for all programs of instruction are set, are consistent with the college mission and the program's intended purpose, and are appropriate for the credential offered upon successful completion of the program.
  • Criterion 2. Admission, credit for prior learning, promotion, graduation, and other related academic policies support program development and student achievement of program learning outcomes.
  • Criterion 3. Programs conform to the "Framework for Programs of Instruction" and the Credentials Framework, are consistent with accepted college system nomenclature/ program titling principles, and maintain relevance.
  • Criterion 4. Methods of program delivery and student evaluation are consistent with the program learning outcomes.
  • Criterion 5. Human, physical, financial, and support resources to support student achievement of program learning outcomes are available and accessible.
  • Criterion 6. Regular program quality assessment that involves faculty, students, industry representatives, and others as appropriate for the purpose of continual improvement is in place and happens.


You can find more about this on the Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Services (OCQAS) Website.

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