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Most colleges have developed policies that provide guidelines for program quality review. Here are two examples.

Fleming's Curriculum Renewal and Program Review Policy (.pdf)

Algonquin's Program Quality Assurance Directive (AA-38)

Some colleges have shared manuals that they have developed to guide program quality review at their college. Many of the ideas and tools presented in these manuals can be extended and applied in other college settings.

Durham College has developed a manual to be used to guide an annual curriculum renewal process

You can find this guide and other information at Durham's Centre for Academic Excellence (C.A.F.É.) 

Algonquin has posted its comprehensive guide for team leaders engaged in the cyclical program review process

Camosun College has published a detailed guide for program review that includes some key principles and practices about the program review and renewal process. It also provides guidelines for establishing a "Portfolio of Progress". Although Camosun is located in British Columbia, this manual has useful ideas for the Ontario context.

Beth DeMarsh from Sheridan College has shared this comprehensive guide used to assist team leaders during the program review process at Sheridan.

Criterion 6 of the PQAPA asks colleges to consider... "To what extent does your college's quality assurance process ensure regular program quality assessment that involves a variety of stakeholders, including faculty, students, industry representatives, and others as appropriate for the purpose of continual quality improvement?" (Ontario College Quality Assurance Service [OCQAS], 2011, p. 19). Paul Johnson from Confederation College and Alena Sarkans from Centennial College surveyed colleges to find out how they meet this criterion. They collected much useful information that can be found in their report.

The Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Services (OCQAS) have posted resources to support the College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP).

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