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Provincial Perspective


Colleges collectively, through Colleges Ontario and the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS) have established the College Quality Assurance Accreditation Process (CQAAP). The CQAAP is an institutional level process that involves the regular and cyclical review of each college’s quality assurance mechanisms. Its purpose is developmental and its intent is to ensure continual improvement.

Each college is responsible for managing the quality of its programs and course curricula. Colleges have in place policies, guidelines and ongoing program quality assurance processes that promote continuous improvement and assure quality in curriculum documents, policies, and practices for their own context. As of January 2016 Colleges will be able to access the College Quality Assurance and Accreditation Process (CQAAP).  Six standards ground this process.

Check out the OCQAS website for many helpful resources and information including templates, guidelines, descriptions of CQAAP processes and practices, schedules etc.

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College Quality Assurance Policies

Program Quality Assurance policy

Program Review Policy

Program Review Procedure
Program Quality Assurance Policy

Annual Program Review Policy

Program Quality Assurance Process Policy

Formal Review of College Programs

Program Review Policy

Program Curriculum Development, Review, Revision and Documentation Policy
Quality Assurance for Programs and Services
Full-time Post-Secondary Program Revitalization and Rationalization Policy

Program Quality Assurance

Program Quality Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance

Program Review Policy

St. Lawrence:
Quality Assurance Policy

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College Quality Review Processes

PQA algonquin img
Algonquin College
has developed a graphic to provide an overview of their program quality review process





Centennial College  provides an overview to their approach in a document entitled Quality Assurance at Centennial College

Confederation College has developed a program review and continuous improvement flow chart.  Their site also describes four levels of program review – annual, limited, comprehensive and suspended.

PR durham img
Durham College
has outlined its program review process.





Fleming College’s Centre of Teaching and Learning has provided an overview of the process used at that college. 

Humber College provides an overview of its Program Review Procedure.

Sault College provides a brief summary of its academic program review process.

Sheridan College outlines its program review procedures.

PR stLawrence img
St. Lawrence College
has developed a graphic that provides an overview of their formal program review process





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Tools and Resources from across the Colleges

You can find handbooks for team leaders engaged in the program quality review process at Algonquin College.

The quality assurance process for the review of general education courses at Algonquin College.

The process for annual curriculum renewal including program curriculum self-study at Durham College.

Information and tools for curriculum mapping and analysis at Durham College.

Georgian College’s Curriculum Assurance Guidebook contains a section on program renewal which includes Ongoing Program Review and Revisions Principles, Steps in the Review Process and a Program Review Report template.

Terms of reference for the Program Review Committee at Fanshawe.

Quality Assurance site from Niagara College contains a program review self-study template and a program report template.  Note: scroll down the page to the section on Program Review and Renewal.

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